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Machine tools as new from CHIRON, STAMA and SCHERER
Refurbishing and modernization a machine tool often makes more sense than buying new. Retrofit an old machine can be up to 60 percent cheaper. In addition, the delivery times for machine refurbishments are shorter and existing tools and fixtures can still be used.

Increased productivity through machine refurbishing
A modernization can make a machine as good as new and also significantly increase productivity: by means of a CNC upgrade, the integration of industrial robots or additional spindles; for example, as part of a turnkey solution.

Largest selection of retrofit machines from CHIRON, STAMA and SCHERER
We are the exclusive retrofit service provider of the premium brands CHIRON, STAMA and SCHERER. Our company refurbish machine tools for customers and offers the world's largest selection of retrofit machines from these three manufacturers. We are the experts who can assess exactly what is possible during retrofit – and which measures are worthwhile. Of course we provide you with the same comprehensive services as you've come to expect from the companies of the CHIRON Group.

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