What is retrofit?

Retrofit - fit for today's challenges

Retrofitting is all about bringing an outdated or defective machine tool up-to-date with new components. An ageing machine is made fit for new challenges.

There are many reasons for a retrofit in mechanical engineering. For example, if the desired precision or processing speed can no longer be achieved. Or if new products are to be manufactured under changed technical conditions. The integration of old machines into a modern industry 4.0 production is also possible through a complete refurbishment.

A machine refurbishment improves productivity

A retrofit helps to improve the productivity of a machine tool and make it ready for new tasks and requirements. This makes sense, because many components are still in good condition even after many years of use. Especially an old machine base frame can be very valuable when it comes to achieving top tolerances. In addition, the modernization of a used machine is good for the environment because it conserves valuable resources.

A machine modernization makes many things possible: from the replacement of wear parts to a complete refurbishment that raises the level and performance of your "used" machine tool to that of a new machine tool. Customers often want a subsequent adaptation of the control system, drive or automation elements to increase productivity even further.

Why retrofit?

Why retrofit?

Refurbishing your existing machine

As a member of the CHIRON Group, we at CMS exclusively offer retrofit services for the group's machine manufacturers operating worldwide. CHIRON primarily stands for speed and productivity while at STAMA, the emphasis is on robust milling machines and heavy cutting.

The three companies stand for mechanical engineering with high quality standards. Their machine tools are characterized by highest productivity, a solid structure as well as the greatest possible reliability and precision. These are important prerequisites that make the modernization of an existing machine a worthwhile investment.

Why is retrofitting your machine tool a good idea?

  • Increase in productivity at a small price: a retrofit is about 30 to 60% cheaper than the purchase of a comparable new machine
  • Short delivery times: instead of having to wait 4 to 8 months for a new purchase, a refurbishing takes only 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the effort involved
  • Additional cost savings: When a refurbished machine tool is used, your employees can work directly on the machine without additional training. Existing tools, devices and programs can continue to be used and there is no need for a new machine foundation

Why is it worthwhile to retrofit with CMS?

  • CMS knows the special features and technical details of each machine from CHIRON and STAMA like no other
  • Thanks to our many years of experience, we at CMS can assess exactly what is feasible and worthwhile when refurbishing your machine
  • We check and modernize each machine exactly according to the customer's requirements
  • A complete refurbishment achieves the accuracy of a new machine tool
  • We use original parts from the manufacturers and have direct access to all drawings and documentation of the series
  • All retrofitted machines receive complete and up-to-date documentation. In addition, all changes are stored in the database of the respective manufacturer and can be called up for future service requests
  • We offer our customers an extensive range of services
  • Turnkey projects are possible with us

Experience retrofit

Before/after a machine refurbishment

Old and modernized in direct comparison

Click on the red dots and experience the effect of a machine tool retrofit using selected examples.

Retrofit categories

Custom retrofit for CHIRON and STAMA

From functional tested to complete refurbished: retrofitting for every requirement

There are three retrofit steps at CMS: the functional check, the partly refubishing and the complete refurbishing of a CHIRON or STAMA machine tool. At the end, the machine will be tested in continuous run and subjected to a quality check.

In addition, all equipment options of the manufacturers can be add to the or your machine. In this way, your retrofit machine can be adapted exactly to your requirements.

Function-tested machining center

Defective parts that are necessary for machine operation are replaced

Quality features:
8 hours continuous run, NAS part, geometry protocol

Full functionality

Partly refurbished machining center

All the parts required for function & reliability are replaced

Quality features:
50 hours continuous run, quick-check, NAS part, geometry protocol

3 months warranty

Meets the high criteria of the CHIRON Group

Completely refurbished machining center

all components which are important for function & precision are NEW

Quality features:
100 hours continuous run, quick-check, NAS part, geometry protocol

Accuracy as-new machines

6 months warranty



Save resources: retrofit instead of new purchase

Give your machine tool a second life

Sustainability means not only the economical use of raw materials and higher energy efficiency, but also the preservation of values. Machine tools have a value. And that's exactly what we do: refurbishing and modernize machines, so they go back on the market as good as new. This is how we preserve value.

With a machining center from our CHIRON Group manufacturers, you don't have to worry about life-cycle limits. Because we put sustainability into practice. We will ensure that the characteristic reliability and quality of our products lasts for decades.